21st Century Junk

by Dynamo Bliss



A concept album about seeking refuge in dreams.

"Donning the voluptuous vocal harmonization, can't miss songcraft and vibrant production recalling late- and post-Beatles Paul McCartney - and marrying it all prog-worthy compositional surprise and complexity (while never becoming tawdry) - is the recipe for this criminally talented threesome from northern Sweden."
- John Patrick / Progression Magazine #59

"The Beatles meet Marillion in a time warp and stop to pick up Be Bop Deluxe along the way ... absolutely brilliant!"
-Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck - MuzikReviews.com


released January 15, 2010

Mikael Sandström: vocals, guitars, bass
Stefan Olofsson: vocals, keyboards, bass
Peter Olofsson: drums, percussion

Peter Jacobsson: piano tuning
Ditto Prihad: artwork
Mastering: Andy Jackson @ Tube Mastering




Dynamo Bliss Sweden

"If ever there was a band that defined the sub-genre 'Crossover prog' then it this Swedish trio, who mix pop and prog in equal measures to create something that is beautiful, exciting, enthralling and engaging in equal measures."

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Track Name: Junk Intro
One day you came upon brutality
The world was bursting at the seams
But faced with radical realities
You rather lose yourself in dreams
Track Name: Fear of Clouds
So many colors to choose from
All the vibrant emotions
Oh, can anybody guide me
Here's a boy without a master plan
Here's a child without a cause
And clouds are moving in

Gabriel, you thoughtless spoiler of romance
Keeper of things in cans
Why do you capture sunshine in a box
Small things and melted rocks

Clouds are all around you
Love will never find you

Gabriel, collector, still you quest for more
Gather and keep in drawers
Capture yourself and choke inside a jar
Gabriel, you went too far

Track Name: Closer to the Heart
Here is my castle
Higher than below
Far from your eyes but
Close enough to show

Much higher than below

Here is my halo
Aberrate, depart
Far from your mind and
Closer to the heart

Must aberrate, depart
Track Name: No Sense In It
I've been keeping my madness inside
But all my thoughts collide
Flowing out of nothing and into my brain
Are things that I can't explain

There's just no sense in it
I traded all my thoughts for a gun
It's so much fun

I've been beating my head against the wall
It makes no sense at all
Falling from the sky and into my hand
Are things I don't understand

There's just no sense in it
I traded all my thoughts for a gun
What have I done

But everything is dum doo-be wha, oh no
I wish it wasn't so
Track Name: Thin Air
Friend, are you drowning in sorrows and doubts
Lost in the moonlight
Follow the trail from within and without
Feel that it's alright
Out for the weekend, you're into the blue
Higher adventures are waiting for you

Hush will you, better yet swallow the pill
Sleep through your daytime
Tell me sincere, do you think of it still
Think that it's so fine
Higher in altitude, into thin air
Don't be afraid, I shall wait for you there

Time is so slow
Running out, running low



Leisures in evergreen gardens hereafter
But didn't you know
That it's not what it seems
My friend, we're living in a dream
Track Name: Bird of Passage
Hold on, the waves that crash upon the stone
You were here, when I was waiting there alone

Hold on, the snow that's swirling on the ground
You were here, when I was nowhere to be found

Like a bird of passage
I'm the one who's on the run
There's a loner lost behind the sun

Hold on, the leaves that rattle on the wind
You were here, when I was outside looking in


Hold on, the ice that melts into a stream
You were here, when I was drowning in a dream

Track Name: Mausoleum
Purple afternoon
And here comes the moon
But where to go
When you're not alive and well no more

I know there's a place
Where you can show your face
With no regrets
And be sure that everyone forgets

Come on down to The Mausoleum
Join the crowd at The Mausoleum
Anytime you need a resurrection
Bring a friend to The Mausoleum
It's gonna end at The Mausoleum

So be on your way
Soon the night is day
And Mausy closes then
But opens soon again


Drink a zombie under the table
While reading another Da Vinci fable
Shake hands with the vampire lord
And discuss the case of Charles Dexter Ward

Track Name: White Cherry Hill
Standing here on White Cherry Hill
Breathing air where the time is standing still
Been away for so many years
And locked away the soul inside my fears

No time to kill
White Cherry Hill

Rain comes tearing up the eastern sky
Is this the feeling that was lost as time rolled by
I wonder why
You turn your head as to say goodbye
The stop to suffocate the urge to tell a lie
I wonder why


I'm coming home from a hell of a ride
Tumbling down the slope of a mountain side
Coming home is a way to live
And coming home is a way to die

Track Name: Junk Outro
Alas, the time has come to say goodbye
The pleasure all was on our side
It's time to face the cold reality
It's time to wake up from your dream