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Day and Night

by Dynamo Bliss

The lake of symmetry lay placid again No one expected the dramatic event Can you remember where you were and when The Day The Empire Fell x4 There was too much but still there wasn’t enough The airwaves overflowed with vacuous stuff For almost everyone the living was rough The Day The Empire Fell x4 Who made the blinders that were covering our eyes What super trader made us buy all those lies Why did we have to have someone to blame How could we not see we were one and the same It’s oh so simple when you know what you know But then again it only goes to show Seems like a thousand million years ago The Day The Empire Fell x4
High Noon 02:11
Have you heard the news The words that echo through the tenuous empty space Nothing left to lose The past is over and it can’t be replaced But with your head inside a fuzzy dream It all seems ... Like a mirage on a sunny day A shadow over Plato's cave Or a solemn undulating wave Look into the fire The flames don't disappear just 'cause you can ignore Themes do expire Regardless of the structures already explored But with your head inside a fuzzy dream It all seems ... Like a mirage on a sunny day A shadow over Plato's cave Or a solemn undulating wave
Dusk 02:31
It's soon the end of day And colors fade away (Turning from the sun) (Shadows on the run) When darkness falls around Embracing our old town (Fireflies come flying) (Daydreams lost in dying) Think of all that you've been through Cause at the break of dawn Yesterday will be gone In a yawn INSTRUMENTAL (Rapid Eye 1st Movement) Half-open doors in your mind Don't you wonder what's behind Ways of yore, intertwined Endeavors for the blind At the edge of reason, you wander in the night When the silly season comes, you cross the bridge of light INSTRUMENTAL (Dream) Dream of all that you can do 'Cause when the day is new The sky's a different hue Another view INSTRUMENTAL (Rapid Eye 2nd Movement)
Evenfall 03:11
Vespertine 01:14
Night Storm 10:07


A concept album exploring the events of a not so usual day and night cycle.

"Day and Night by Dynamo Bliss is a wonderful achievement. (4.5/5)" - MuzikReviews


released May 15, 2013

Mikael Sandström: electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, accordion, pedal steel
Stefan Olofsson: vocals, keyboards, zither, guitar, bass, percussion
Peter Olofsson: drums

Artwork: Seph the Zeth
Cover design: Kerstin Olofsson




Dynamo Bliss Sweden

"If ever there was a band that defined the sub-genre 'Crossover prog' then it this Swedish trio, who mix pop and prog in equal measures to create something that is beautiful, exciting, enthralling and engaging in equal measures."

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