Bird of Passage

from 21st Century Junk by Dynamo Bliss



Hold on, the waves that crash upon the stone
You were here, when I was waiting there alone

Hold on, the snow that's swirling on the ground
You were here, when I was nowhere to be found

Like a bird of passage
I'm the one who's on the run
There's a loner lost behind the sun

Hold on, the leaves that rattle on the wind
You were here, when I was outside looking in


Hold on, the ice that melts into a stream
You were here, when I was drowning in a dream



from 21st Century Junk, released January 15, 2010




Dynamo Bliss Sweden

"If ever there was a band that defined the sub-genre 'Crossover prog' then it this Swedish trio, who mix pop and prog in equal measures to create something that is beautiful, exciting, enthralling and engaging in equal measures."

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